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An immediate urgency of design appreciation is realised after various interactions with artisans to government officials, professionals and executors. Envisioning the infinite opportunities and inspiration from official documents propel the following blueprint of the way forward. Initiating a force of action for imbibing a 360 degree perspective with innovative strategies is translated into inertia building up the core of design awareness drive.
The world is in a constant equation of demand and supply, wherein design is a strategic catalyst. Design has the power to improve societal, industrial and economic conditions, yet it is perceived to be a frivolous expense subject reserved for the urban elite. Design intervention is crucial for long term beneficiary dealings at grass-root level compared to the rut of short lived consumption satisfaction. With such immense power, design is still not being explored at its utmost potential and being limited to form function and aesthetics. The need of the hour is for people to become conscious of their existence and incorporate design thinking. Exposure of design should be made available already at an early age for a future which speaks of design. In an attempt of a design driven future, people must first and foremost be aware of its importance in life. The broad contours of the National Design Policy introduced by the Government of India is the very means of inspiration for implementing focus on design through the Design Awareness Drive

“To empower society through innovative design awareness ecosystems for design led global economy.”


  1. Creating design awareness through various medium.
  2. Providing a platform for creativity at grassroots level.
  3. Encouraging empathy driven business models for innovative designs.
  4. Incorporating design research activities and design solutions for the betterment of society.
  5. Creating synergies for design globally.
  6. Encouraging responsible value centric design for economic industrial and societal development.
  7. Fostering closer ties between industry and academia for global standards of excellence.
  8. Making a design friendly universe by taking inspiration from each other globally.


  1. Celebrating design through Design Festivals as an interdisciplinary platform.
  2. Encouraging Design Competitions through crowdsourcing.
  3. Creation of design documentaries and films for awareness of design.
  4. Promoting design fairs, design exhibitions and design galleries to highlight good design.
  5. Organising workshops, discussions, forums and seminars to encourage design thinking.
  6. Introducing Design as a subject in schools for students to explore their creative talents.
  7. Development of TLM for design education.
  8. Encouraging industry and academia visits by students for insights and prospects on design.
  9. Encouraging internship programmes at school level for understanding design and industries.
  10. Facilitating a mentorship programme for students to inspire other students through the concept of “earn while you learn”
  11. Designing societies to simplify the existing lifestyle
  12. Organising training programmes for craftspeople and artisans focusing on niche markets.
  13. Encouraging Design Exchange Programmes for developing cross culture perspectives on design.
  14. Setting up of Design Parks and Design Museums.
  15. Sharing of healthy work culture among companies in order to increase effectiveness with smooth mobility.
  16. Encouraging design tourism for appreciating design globally.
  17. Transparent financial values of design in sync with brand ideology for design services offered to clients.
  18. Creative amalgamation of indigenous crafts for a global outlook on design.
  19. Establishment of a chartered society of designers on a global scale for design solutions.
  20. Creating awareness to prevent design piracy while promoting the value of original content and design.
  21. Creation of Design based skill development programme.
  22. Simplifying international design trends for local level and spreading awareness about its advantages.