Shiva “The ultimate Design Manager” who designs and manages the whole universe.​

Shiva and Design “He extends his grace to all and gives creatures experience and liberation” He is the gross, the subtle and the supreme; the manifested, the non-manifested and that which is both; he is wakefulness, dream and deep sleep. He is the ultimate designer, who designed the past, the present and the future. He is the instruments and tools of design. He is the ultimate design philosopher and the supreme design thinker. The Lord Shiva is everything and all that. He is the sound, touch, colour, taste and smell. He is perceived as all the sensory organs of the creatures; universe and beyond. He is master of observation and guru of perception.

He is point, line, circle, triangles and all the elements of design. He is shapes, forms, balance, harmony and all the principles of design yet he is not limited by design .The nature of designs and design thinking is unique and established only in him. Shiva is not “a” designer or someone who simply “designs”, he is ‘The Designer’, because he is the reason for existence of the beauty of the nature. He is the creator of which are ultimate masterpieces making ‘The Lord Shiva’ remarkable the way he is.

Have you ever looked at a sunset and had to stop and share for a minute? That is an ultimate design trying to point us towards the ultimate designer.