Research And Development

“Challenging our best output is the first step towards our roads to research.”

DAD, an unit of United Countryouths Federation  has always worked with conviction towards ideas with empathy driven practical design thinking and cognitive research methodologies.

Design Research at Countryouths charts the paths from research methods to research findings to design principles and demonstrates the transformation of theory into a richly satisfying and more reliably successful practice.

Our Research Methodology

We at Countryouths understand the necessity of research and development at its core level to further implement and validate our ideas at a panoramic spectrum.

Any project at Countryouths undergoes several layers of design research and thinking. Starting from primary-secondary-tertiary research and including a lot of on field ethnographic research as well. Qualitative and quantitative methodologies are applied to derive an outcome which leads to a concrete solution.

Our Ongoing Research Topics


The youth holds the future and the power of nation building; carrying aspirations and driving responsibilities for change, progress and innovation. At Countryouths, we acknowledge that enhancing hidden creative minds is a transformational challenge in itself. The Bal Bhavans have been identifying the creative talents and endorsing them, so, working in tandem with them would further help to highlight the progression of youth like  ragpickers with no formal education and other underprivileged youth.



Taking inspiration from our famers who have kept our economy self run we aspire to create an economy that shall be self sustainable. With people joining from diverse educational backgrounds and grass root level stakeholders, we are on the way to create solutions that can pave the  desired way. The whole research inculcates vertical farming, aqua farming, subsistence farming, organic farming and industrial farming.



With the progress of time, holistic well being  as a concept has taken up a multi-dimensional definition, encompassing the individual’s desire for social acceptance, exclusivity and collective welfare. We are chiefly influenced by changes in the society and in the lifestyles of individuals, which have also been accelerated by extraneous factors like globalization and a greater awareness of the need for wellness among individuals Consequently, Countryouths will be focussing on awareness of holistic well being in PAN  India which seems to be at an inflection point. It sets the stage for advent of global best practices, thought leadership, technology advances and capital to take this to the next level.



Transdisciplinary research and innovation helps us in the practices that are required to address complex societal problems.  It is committed to developing state-of-the-art scientific innovation at the interplay between transdisciplinary and disciplinary research. It is driven by the relation between specialisation in transdisciplinary methods and the triggering of transformation of disciplines.