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DAD offers a scholarship scheme- Financial Support of 75%, 50%, 25% of the total fee.

No institution can run without resources but the institution can be a huge support system to create a good and easy accessible environment for students to grow with the freedom. The scholarship scheme is totally based on the roadmap of the financial support systems given by NIFT and NID, IIT, IIM and other Govt. national colleges to their students. Government policies have always been supportive to students in a very prescriptive manner. Students who are meritorious and are financially weak are supported as per their financial conditions. DAD has studied those systems and policies and has found that these systems were not designed or made in a day they have evolved with times, situations and conditions.


  1. Students are supposed to pay the registration fee and the initial installment (out of three installments) of prescribed tuition fee.
  2. All the scholarship amounts shall be reimbursed in the students individual or parents account.
  3. Students are supposed to provide all the financial documents that shall be required by the institution.
  4. All the affidavits and process of financial support are to be processed on a stamp paper of INR 100/-
  5. Students must pass a very basic psychometric test.
  6. Tests will be designed on individual basis.
  7. Telephonic interviews of parents and guardians are mandatory.
  8. Students must keep their studies consistent throughout the course.
  9. A special jury shall be setup to maintain a regular check on the students consistency.
  10. Performances shall include academic and other activities as well.

Note: Official documents can be downloaded from our website- download section.