DADs Design Stories

“If necessity the mother of Invention; then crisis is the father of Creativity”

Have you ever come across the word called ‘JUGAAD’ ? If not look for it and you will be surprised that you have already gone through several inventions in your daily life.

Here at DAD’s DESIGN STORY we document your JUGAAD, your creative efforts and showcase them to the world. So, if you are a junior thinker in school, an art practitioner, an idea generator, innovator, design aspirant, a design student, an entrepreneur with design background, a researcher at any level of any age or an explorer, we are here to communicate your struggle, experience and success to people.


Picture by: Ranjit Prasad, Independent Photographer and Traveler

We focus on the stories in making…..

History is made and it is not destined for sure and this can be understood by reaching out to the stories of curators. When life curates itself into a history we get several reactions; some watch and some act.  DAD is dedicated to act on the stories and bring them in front of the world.

The initiative itself is a page being curated into history.  Till date the potential of design has been mostly untapped. We as a design community are dedicated  to create a platform which works on a capacity building process and create a design led global economy. Our co-existence is to asses, showcase and set forth the awesome spark of awe inspiring innovation, creativity in every individual and co-create a change making scenario.

Our consistency for innovation, thinking  and their resounding global resonance is only maintained by the routes to bring the designers, researchers and thinkers community to a single platform for a free-flowing exchange of ideas and visions. Our PAN India presence brings the best and the brightest mind regardless of age, expertise, social strata to the golden screen they deserve.

We have envisioned the initiative as ‘DAD- Design Awareness Drive” under the aegis of “United Countryouths Foundation, Republic of India”. The DAD has initiated ‘THINK LABS’ based on the objectives of National design Policy, Govt. of India to promote Design at every level.  DAD Think Labs are envisioned to be constituted in schools, institutions and community centers across the nation with mission to introduce the ‘Basics of Design’ to foster innovation.

Our mission has been to tell design stories that matter, stories with heart, with drive, and that wouldn’t be possible without the passion of our team – they are the heart and soul of DAD Design Story. The drive to write, build, design, shoot, edit and publish these stories comes by getting inspired by you.

We hereby invite you to join the league and get your work published online in front of the world. We believe in the mantra of “You work We document”

Here are simple questions to be answered to develop the story:

  1. What exactly you are doing?
  2. What do you think is the common connection if you are doing several things at a time?
  3. What brought you such a decision, of what you are doing?
  4. What stage do you think you have reached that you planned?
  5. Can you discuss your background story in few lines?
  6. What change you are driving towards?
  7. Your achievements till date?
  8. Your teammates and supports till date?
  9. Whom do you owe your success to?
  10. What do you have to say to new generation and others?
  11. What is your attitude towards discipline?

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