United Countryouths Federation

United Countryouths Federation is a Section 8 company registered under the Companies Act, 2013, established ‘for charitable or not-for-profit purposes. It envisions to promote commerce, art, science, sports, education, research, social welfare, religion, charity, protection of environment or any such other object’.

It is registered under the Central Government’s Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Objectives of United Countryouths Federation

  • Encourage educational, social  and creative awareness through events, fairs, exhibitions and galleries where facets of youth involvement are highlighted.
  • Encourage developmental and experimental thinking and their application at different ages and levels of society through workshops, seminars and other forum to encourage creative leadership and entrepreneurship.
  • Organize local  festivals as interdisciplinary platform for leadership-led activities and cultural celebrations.
  • Leverage crowdsourcing as a mode of encouraging co-existence.
  • Make documentaries and films to inculcate awareness in the society.
  • Develop teaching Learning Materials (TLM) in support of education and keeping it updated with outer world for its practical implications.
  • Facilitate engagements between schools and higher education institutes  to familiarize students with academic career choices
  • Facilitate engagements between schools and industry for experiential learning and prospects on versatile careers.
  • Formulate mentorship programme for senior students to inspire junior students through the concept of ‘earn while you learn’.
  • Designing self-sustainable societies to simplify the existing     lifestyle.
  • Organising training programmes for local entrepreneurs, craftspeople and artisans focusing on niche markets.
  • Encouraging cultural Exchange Programmes for developing cross cultural perspectives.
  • Setting up of local educational Parks and Educational Museums across the globe.
  • Establishment of a chartered society of local entrepreneurs, creative leaders on a global scale for designing solutions for day-today life.
  • Creating awareness to prevent educational, employment and social frauds even at global, national and local level.
  • Creation of leadership based skill development programmes.
  • Creation of platforms for polishing and placing talents in the right place on right time.
  • Simplifying international society trends for local level and spreading awareness about its advantages and positive use keeping in the mind the actual culture of that locality.
  • Designing smart villages by Providing Urban Amenities in Rural Areas
  • Research and skill development in the agricultural industry by connecting to actual farmers and other stake holders
  • Piloting the actual research to make it implementable in area as per local requirements and resources