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“Meet the Design Researchers, Design Thinkers, NIFTIANS, NIDIANS and many more people who are out to meet you in the National level Design Forum and Workshops.”
Design Awareness Drive in the series of awareness has taken up the awareness for education as a priority. The awareness for education has been flagged off with launch of nation’s biggest Design Entrance Test Series which has turned out to be the life changer and savior for several design aspirants who are planning to join the Bachelor of Design, Mater of Design, Bachelor of Fashion Technology, Mater of Fashion Technology. The series also prepares students for Fine Arts and Applied Arts courses that are available in Universities like Banaras Hindu University-BHU, Delhi University-DU and several other institutions that have been listed in India Design Report by CII, Govt. of India.
January to May is the time when there is a shift in pattern of studies and time management where every student deals with final examinations in one or the other place. Apart from the regular examinations several entrances are held to qualify the students to join higher studies. So, it is our duty to simplify the lives of students by simplifying the information.

Awareness is need of the hour in today’s fastest growing world. Any information shared must be well rehearsed, revised and must be qualitative. DAD is dedicated to share such information by reaching out to people. Keeping the vision alive DAD has designed an awareness drive for students who are appearing to Design Entrances in the year 2019.

National Institute of Design- NID and National Institute of Fashion Technology- NIFT have been the standards for design education in India hence their entrance examinations are the standard in the field of design education in India.

The first phase of the entrance examinations are finished and it is time to make people aware about second phase of examinations. Design is a new field and most of the students are not very sure about the test. So here at DAD more than 100 design educators and researchers while they are out for craft industry based awareness, plan to move across the nation to make aspirants aware about their inner creativity and boost their confidence.

You can join our free 2-5 Days workshop and movement in your own region. Keep yourself free and save the date.

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