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Design Awareness Drive has been working on designing several awareness programs that shall have impact on grass root level in the society. Ranging from crafts to cottage industry, entrepreneurship to creative leadership, DAD has taken up the projects that have introduced the concept of inception of Think Tanks even at schools to imbibe the innovation and allow individuals enjoy the creative freedom.

Our Awareness Drives include:

  • Awareness Drive for the book “INDIA VISION 2020” by the great visionary and India’s 11th President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. The book has been derived from the blue print that envisioned seeing India as developed nation till year 2020. This awareness workshop brings in Creative Leadership in lives of people.

  • Design as a tool to incept innovation in the schools. This program introduces design Thinking process and Fashion Design where human body becomes the canvas and the materials that are considered to be not very useful are used as raw materials to design artistic garments based on themes that create social awareness.

  • Awareness against Child Labor and Rag Picking. These global topics have been taken up by international organizations. DAD has a different perspective towards such serious social issues. DAD studies the list of complications that exist in the society in regards to such issues and takes up one complication and intends to simplify the complications and one by one.

  • Swatch Bharat Abhiyan- DAD has designed a national level reality show that to be aired on Television to create awareness.