DAD Think Labs- Where Design is a Better Future

DAD THINK LABS is a Design Awareness Drive and a platform for those who wants to bring out their creativity into their work. In simple


it is an institution that works with a motive of promoting the objectives of “The National Design Policy” since 2010. We are India’s best institutions to cater the students who are aspirants and are looking for a successful career in designing.

We are the only best designing institute who guide fresh and young minds to connect with their own ideas and creativity. DAD Think Labs is a place that allows individuals to take creative freedom and explore to enhance their own skills in a practical way.

Why DAD Think Labs is the First Choice For NIFT/NID/UCEED Entrance Exam preparation?

DAD Think Labs is the first priority among the design aspirants who want to make their career in designing but they are bewildered on their decision. Questions like “how successful they will be as a designer” or even they think, whether they will crack it or not haunts their mind. To infuse confidence and self-discipline among the students, DAD Think Labs always encourage, train, and guide them in designing by every means for their life and career.

Why You Should Enroll in DAD Think Labs?
When a student is preparing for some courses they need a proper guidance. Not not only simple classes but students proper individual guidance i but the and it again varies from student to student because every individual is different and DAD takes every student as a challenge for them.

Here, the Course begins not from chapter first of any particular subject of design on the DAY 1 but from a question - Why you are in DAD? Definitely, the answer will come as “to become a designer”, and the next question would be “so why did you choose to become a designer”? DAD teaches and realises the student on why should one be specific about their career in design and at the same time focus on their goals and destination.

Now coming to designing courses, ‘’DAD Think Labs’’ prepares students to develop their career in different fields of design. Here, aspirant will learn about various designing courses and can have a better future in design industry.

Though DAD does not have centers across India, still the students enrolled are from pan India. DAD became the one and most famous design institute of India that introduced marathon classes of 24 hours and 48 hours free on it’s YouTube channel for design aspirants where our faculties taught free of cost, so that every student can perform best in their exam.

DAD Think Labs- We are the Future of Design in 2021
The role of the designer is that of a good, thoughtful host anticipating the needs of his guests.” –Charles Eames

DAD Think Labs believe that designing is a desire to create everything you can imagine. As per the words of Charles Eames- the designer is a creative and thoughtful host who takes care of everything that their guests need. Likewise, we nurture our students and make them strong enough to compete in the NIFT/NID/UCEED exam and clear them with exceptional results. We offer students a platform where we teach them and enhance creativity with intelligence.

With online classes already trending among NIFT aspirants; we have again resumed to our offline batches. Post pandemic, we are starting our first batch that will brush up on the concepts of designing. Several test series, practice papers, offline lectures, online sessions (every day 7 AM to 9 AM & 7 PM to 9 PM), will be introduced to the students. DAD also supports students in their last-minute preparation for NIFT final exams.

The year 2021 has more surprises as the design industry keeps updating abd creates trend. More job opportunities, more digital platforms, digital tools, etc. will revolutionize the industry. The one looking for a career in designing will have endless opportunities to explore. DAD Think Labs will continue to nurture students to the best of their capability. Come and Join India's biggest designing drive.The journey has just begun.

We are DAD Think LABS- The Design Awareness Drive build with trust and truth .