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Preparation for design and fashion colleges, NID, NIFT, CEED, UCEED, IICD, etc. with sponsored Fee, Scholarships

A revolution in Education System

After a 12 years of research one thing is very clear that Design and Fashion education are well known through NIFT, NID, FDDI, CEED, UCEED, IICD, and many more colleges.  And for this awareness we must be thankful to coachings who have made a channel to reaching out to students via several mediums. They have been training the aspirants with their own and stereotyped study materials which have been in use since ages. True that they have done a lot but it is time to revise, rehearse and create a new system of learning.

The world is improving, so are we !!!

Innovation and creativity is need of the hour and we at DAD are dedicated to foster them. We have designed a certified course that deals in basics of design which leads you take up the most upcoming Design Research as a career. Moreover, when you learn the ‘Basics of Design’ the entrance of NIFT and NID is just a bucket of water used out of the knowledge of an ocean and please be well informed that design education is more than just NIFT, NID, and B.Arch, etc. And, Designers are more than just NIFTIANS and NIDIANS

New Batches start Every Week…………………….

In the world where education promises several new avenues here, we bring to you an ocean of opportunities in the fields of Fashion and design. If you wish/ aspire to take admission and study in India’s best Design and Fashion Institutions then DAD- Design Awareness Drive is the only name and pioneer to change you all wish in reality. With a 360 degree approach towards design and fashion our research, expertise, and experiences of 12 years we always have proven to be the nation’s first Design  ‘Think Labs’ breaking all the barriers that refrain us from excelling with the creative freedom. The commercial setup of coaching centers has created a wall that since ages have existed between the real form of creativity and actual platforms. DAD is a research Lab where a raw and fertile mind can be prepared for tomorrow’s challenges.

                      Its time to bury your worries out about the entrance test and fees to join the nation’s best institutions because you will interact with the ‘Design Community’ directly who will direct you the technique which shall turn to be a breakthrough in your career.  DAD has designed and prepared the syllabi of Entrance examinations to empower you with the most simplified and easiest methodology of teaching. The curriculum will help you build-up confidence by adding self-learning abilities and imbibe in you a strong sense of learning from each other. The community of design mentors and teachers are available to you on a 24×7 basis.

What DAD has to say?

“Education is not a product and must not be sold in an open market. Yes, agreed with the fact that everything costs but what shall be the parameter. It is not only about the dialogue delivery and keeping people busy in the show off a fictitious glow. Education today is seen as a business and is ruining the future. It’s time to make sure that we deliver values rather than forcing a prototyped system of making just trained kids who don’t dwell on their own inner instincts. DAD has created an environment where the fraternity of design shall enjoy the creative freedom and be empowered with the power of design.”


What special 'DAD Think Labs' has to offer and why is DAD Think Labs different:

  1. Best in class and well researched simplified study materials.
  2. No home works policy.
  3. Follow the strict course curricula.
  4.  Strong follow up with parents and teachers.
  5. Certification of the one-year course.
  6. Learn the basics of Design.
  7. Creative Freedom to explore your 360 degrees perspective.
  8. Connection to schools and students around to initiate the process of exchange of ideas.
  9. Real-time projects, events on innovation and creativity.
  10. Projects designed by students for the students with the students.
  11. Membership of Design Research Society, London

In a classroom, not all students are the same in terms of their delivering capability and mind but an institution could give and take care of all students with a method of individualistic approach. DAD is committed to individualistic approach .

So, join us ……DAD not only teaches you it earns you a lot…because you always remember whatever you learn in life, be always remembered by you.

12वीं के बाद.. डिज़ाइन एक करियर विकल्प

धारणाएं टूट रही हैं। ….. नित नए कीर्तिमान स्थापित किये जा रहे है…… आज का युवा २१वीं सदी का युवा है, अपनी कहानी खुद लिख रहा है, आज आपको १२ वीं का परिणाम पाकर बहुत ख़ुशी हो रही होगी, किन्तु उतनी ही व्याकुलता भी, कि अब आगे क्या करें? यही वो समय है, जब आपको सबसे ज्यादा सतर्क और सजग रहने की जरूरत है। यकीन मानिये, आपका एक सही फ़ैसला आपकी पूरी दुनिया बदल कर रख देगी

आप में से अधिकतर छात्र -छात्राएं सीमित करियर विकल्पों को लेकर असमंजस में होंगे, किस करियर को चुने …

क्यूंकि यहाँ सभी कहते कि हम बेहतर हैं, तो हमारा ये कहना है, कि बेहतर का फैसला कोई दूसरा क्यूँ करे? ये फैसला आपका है, ये हक़ आपका है! आप पूरी तरह समझें ,परखें, फिर कहें कि कौन आपको सही दिशा निर्देश दे सकता है ….सभी चमकने वाली चीज सोना नहीं है , हम आपको देंगे सही दिशा I

जुड़िये देश के सबसे बड़े अभियान से और बना दीजिए एक नया कीर्तिमान, अगर डिजाईन एक बेहतर विकल्प है आपके सामने,  हम हैं इस उड़ान में आपके साथ जहाँ पढ़ाई और तैयारी आपके आर्थिक स्थिति के आड़े नहीं आएगी क्यूंकि ……अब डिजाईन की तैयारी 50% स्पांसर्ड है डिजाईन समुदाय के द्वाराI यहाँ आपके मेन्टर होंगे NID, NIFT एवं और भी डिजाईन ALUMNI जो तराशेंगे आपके अन्दर के हुनर को I

                                    तो आईये हम सब मिलकर इस डिजाईन करियर को एक सही दिशा देते हैं I